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When the Sky Falls




Acrylic, canvas

In this series of paintings, “When the Sky Falls”, artist Maryna Kaminska examines the profound traumatic effects of war on the body and the human psyche. These works, depicting the earth and sky, express the horror, fragility and heightened awareness of existence, and the value of every waking moment.

The sky falls relentlessly, and the earth obediently absorbs everything and continues to sprout anew. The vibrant palette of colours not only represents the intensity of human emotions under duress but also declares a thirst for life, renewal, and love.

It is the artist’s belief that personal growth evolves from processing trauma, and the affirmation of life evolves from acknowledging mortality and death. This series is a layered attempt to come through, comprehend, and gently accept the trauma buried deep within the subconscious.

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