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The Roots




Acrylic, canvas

They say that all living things have roots. This series of paintings is about the roots of a human being - the family.

"When I step barefoot on the earth, I feel its strength. I know that I and every person on Earth is the passion of life for oneself. My mother used to say that love is most important. I know that my ancestors felt love, my parents felt love, I feel love and I pass it on to my children and they will carry it on, too. "

In the artist's paintings, each family is drawn as a structure, a clear scheme in which each has own role. But at the same time, expressive abstraction within and between each form is a living, seething dynamics of relations in which each individual is formed. As Erich Fromm once wrote: "Just as fruits ripen in the sun, people do in love."

To explore your roots is to know yourself.

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